Annette Ronàld

Annette Ronàld works as a swedish visual artist.
She was born in 1964 in Stockholm and today, she lives and works in Spånga outside Stockholm, Sweden.
Annette is educated at the Royal Institute of Art and at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, both situated in Stockholm, Sweden.

To explain the artwork of an artist can be very unfortunate. Both for the artist and the artwork.

But some guidelines can be beneficial to some point.

This artist’s artwork, so far, has different approaches. They are all a kind of seeking without findings. It can be a new approach to something, or an angle to something that has been unseen to the artist until that moment.

The material or combination of materials, a narrative story, a fantasy or a representative work, like a place becomes a result of a thought/ inspiration or feeling that has followed by an experience.

Sometimes humour is used in collaboration with other topics in a work.

By looking at all the works you can say that what has been used is different methods; painting, sculpture and graphic art. The materials that have been used is paint, mould materials, cloth, paper of different qualities, etc.

All the methods and the materials are merely the means of the intentions, but sometimes the experience of the material and the method are the only intention.